Frequently Asked Questions

Household waste is what is essentially considered residential trash. Everyday items such as food and non-recyclable paper items is acceptable. Any other items such as bottles, cardboard, glass, and newspapers should be separated as your recyclables. Any item larger than regular household trash can be taken, but must be scheduled with the office, please call us at 908-233-7777 to schedule a removal.

There is no reason for you to do OUR JOB, as we provide HASSLE FREE BACKDOOR pickup. (Special accommodations for the elderly or disabled can be arranged!) Let’s keep our streets clean together!

A large trash or bulk pickup is a pickup scheduled with the office. Items such as appliances, furniture, and junk all fall under this category.

Yes, all trash must be bagged. When there is loose trash in your can, it becomes a potential hazard to our employees, increases the chance of attracting animals, and sticks to the inside.

Make sure your trash can lid is on securely. If animals such as raccoons are still finding their way into your can, we recommend spraying a little bit of ammonia on the inside of the can. Ammonia is very disturbing to raccoons and will prevent them from trying to get what’s inside. A large rock or cinder block on top of your lid at night may also be a simple solution.

Call our office or email us and we can add you to our yard waste services. These can be reoccurring or on demand.

Yes. If you are going away for more than 2 weeks, please call our office to notify us and pause your services. You will not be billed for the length you are away.

Please call our office at 908-233-7777 or email us at for immediate assistance.

If you want to cancel services, a one week notice in writing is required. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. We also take cash and checks. Clients can make payments online or mail checks directly.


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